Textbook of Maritime Medicine v2

The Textbook of Maritime Medicine is a comprehensive learning tool aimed at providing health professionals and others with a complete overview of the field of maritime medicine, free of charge. The Textbook was moved to a new IT platform in October 2014 to enable readers to access it with tablet computers and smartphones. At the same time some revisions to the content of chapters were made.

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A Dynamic Product

The Textbook for Maritime Medicine is a dynamic, web based publication without a fixed and ultimate form and content. As can be seen we are launching the second edition as ‘work in progress’ with some items that will be added or amended over the next few months. The editors are open to suggestions and offers of help to prepare further new material.

By registering as a user you will - besides having free access to the entire product - enable yourself to continuously receive information, updates and news presented by the NCMM. The editorial board has proposed a list of additional topics to include in future editions. These include more information on ship hygiene ( food, water and accomodation), sections on particular sectors of the maritime industry such as fishing and leisure, extension of the scope to cover offshore energy industries, both renewables and fossile fuels, and additional material on dust hazards including allergens and asbestos.

The editors invite you to contribute with suggestions on how the book can be further improved Please use e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The discussion forum created for the first edition has been discontinued as users were finding other means to share their questions and seek solutions to their problems.