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The Textbook of Maritime Medicine is a comprehensive learning tool aimed at providing health professionals and others with a complete overview of the field of maritime medicine, free of charge. The product is published on the web only and – besides reading - offers a professional network.
Textbook of Maritime Medicine, second edition 2013
Welcome to the second, extensively revised edition of the Textbook of Maritime Medicine, published by the Norwegian Centre for Maritime Medicine, Bergen (NCMM) in association with the International Maritime Health Association (IMHA). The book provides a comprehensive source of information and advice on the health of seafarers and others who spend time at sea. It aims to be both a source of reference and a learning aid for health professionals and everyone else who is concerned with maritime health.

The many thousands of recorded users from around the world and their supportive comments about the first edition led to a decision by NCMM and the editorial board to go ahead with the preparation of a second edition. A new chief editor Tim Carter was appointed in 2012. He has worked with Aksel Schreiner, the editor of the first edition, and now co-ordinator for the second, the editorial board and authors both old and new to prepare this extensively revised edition of the textbook. The content have been reorganised, most of the material has been re-assessed and amended, and new articles have been added.

The initiative to produce the textbook was taken by the Norwegian Centre for Maritime Medicine in 2008. Authors were selected from the maritime and academic centres mainly in Europe. All authors are highly regarded professionals who were asked to cover fields in which they are particularly competent.
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Now thirty chapters plus
At the launching in November 2009 the product had 19 chapters written by experts in the field of maritime medicine. The second edition has over 30. The contents cover topics such as medical fitness, fisheries, cruise medicine, offshore industry, trade shipping, port medicine and telemedical maritime assistance.
A Dynamic Product
The Textbook for Maritime Medicine is a dynamic, web based publication without a fixed and ultimate form and content. As can be seen we are launching the second edition as ‘work in progress’ with some items that will be added or amended over the next few months. The editors are open to suggestions and offers of help to prepare further new material.

By registering as a user you will - besides having free access to the entire product - enable yourself to continuously receive information, updates and news presented by the NCMM. The editorial board has proposed a list of additional topics to include in future editions. These include more information on ship hygiene ( food, water and accomodation), sections on particular sectors of the maritime industry such as fishing and leisure, extension of the scope to cover offshore energy industries, both renewables and fossile fuels, and additional material on dust hazards including allergens and asbestos.

The editors invite you to contribute with suggestions on how the book can be further improved Please use e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The discussion forum created for the first edition has been discontinued as users were finding other means to share their questions and seek solutions to their problems.

Editorial board
Prominent members of the maritime medicine community attending a NIVA meeting in Bergen in June 2008 were asked to contribute to the task of shaping a new textbook and an editorial board was created. They have helped the editors by suggesting authors, reviewing contributions and advising on the direction of the work and on the amendments needed for the second edition.


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